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what we're offering from maggie's farm

"while supplies last"

our products are made primarily of local, and seasonal, food, therefore they are subject, often, to the whims of mother nature.  that might mean that your favorites are not always available year-round, but be confident that they'll be back as soon as they are again available, and when they do they will be at their peak of freshness and flavor.

farm fare



baked goods



v parmesan-herbs de provence

v rosemary-caramelized onion

v sundried tomato-feta-thyme

artisan loaves


v deli rye with caraway seed

v rosemary boule  with sea salt crust

v soft white sandwich loaf

savory complements


400/8 ounces

v traditional basil walnut parmesan

we think of this as our reliable go-to for pizza, pasta, bruschetta, even a gussied-up sandwich spread

v sage pecan asiago

how about cornbread dressing with an Italian twist?

herbed butter

250/4 oz

v oregano garlic

an easy way to add flavor and sophistication to broiled seafood or plain pasta

v fennel blackberry

slather on the thanksgiving turkey for a fresh infusion of flavor


400/half pint

v farmhouse

sweet and spicy

v whole grain beer

complex, malty, with hints of honey


pickles, relishes, and jellies

400/half pint

v bread and butter pickles

oh yeah, just like grandma’s.  dress up your sandwich or burger, or indulge yourself with only a fork and the chilled jar, like we do.

v red veggie chow chow

red cabbage gives this southern staple it’s pretty red-jeweled hue


v sweet pepper chow chow

a festive blend including red , yellow, orange, and green bell peppers.  antioxidants!


v hot pepper jelly

this makes a quick and easy appetizer-with-a-kick served over cream cheese with crackers


v orange pickle

this sweet /spicy/savory condiment is used often in indian and moroccan cuisines to complement meats and main dishes

v apple and sweet pepper relish

a unique way to dress up your pork tenderloin like no one else’s.  toss it with cabbage and dressing for a quick cole slaw, too!


full pints

twice the yummmm at a bargain price


v deli kosher dills

deliciously crisp and crunchy with a hint of onion and garlic.  you’ll be back for more—they’re addictive!

v spicy pickled okra

with just a tinge of freshly grated horseradish, this tender-crisp pickle is great for brunch, in a bloody (or virgin) mary, that is!  a brightly-flavored eye opener

v dill pickled turnips

another hard to find treat borrowed from middle eastern cuisine.  try with feta, olives, hummus, and tabbouleh for your own meza platter

v fennel carrot kraut

a new twist on an old favorite.  you’ll love it on brats, especially when accompanied by our popular whole grain beer mustard.

v stewed okra with tomatoes

the complex flavors in this dish made a convert of farmer maggie who heretofore couldn’t stand the stuff.  use this as an ingenious quick start for an authentic gumbo, sans the full day in the kitchen, or simply eat it with cornbread for a one dish dinner that, as southerners are fond of saying, will make you want to ‘slap yo mama’ (sorry mom, that was uncalled for wasn’t it?)


delicious indulgences

500/half pint

v cherry dessert sauce

this, my friends, is a little bit of heaven.  a concentrated dessert sauce, a delicious dress-up over ice cream, scones, pound cake, and farmer maggie’s favorite—on a spoon.  try topping your yogurt or accompanying goat cheese. delicious.  for a lighter touch, thin with water, fruit juice, or our favorite, champagne!

v citrus marmalade syrup

kick breakfast up a notch!  when your waffles need something a little less, well, average, do them justice with this light, bright, crisply flavored topping of grapefruit, orange, and meyer lemon with key lime nuances.  use it on meats, too!  the sky is the limit.  marmalade syrup—not just for breakfast anymore.

v peppered plum glaze

we love this sweet spicy glaze on beef, poultry, pork, and roasted vegetables.  some of our favorites are:

·        sweet whole grain mustard baked ham with peppered plum glaze

·        sage and goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts with peppered plum glaze. 

·        roasted butternut squash with peppered plum glaze

(recipes provided upon request)

is there anything missing?  something you crave?  a dietary restriction or consideration you require? a bulk order? special delivery instructions? gift basket?  a favorite your grandmother made that you’ve never been able to put your hands on? a regional specialty? less sugar, more salt?  more sugar, less salt?   from maggie’s farm loves to make it ‘your way’, and we will make every effort to do so. it’s our labor of love.

please let us know how we can best suit your needs.